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Brit Secure

06 - Sep - 2010

Brit Secure are a local company covering the Stafford area providing a personal and efficient service. Dealing with domestic and commercial lock fitting and security, all areas covered and Trading Standards registered.

Vehicle and Asset Trackings

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Brit Secure offer vehicle tracking with a Web based GPS Vehicle Tracking system, that allows you to monitor your mobile workforce and fleet from anywhere at anytime through a Vehicle Tracking Management Report Suite.

An integral part of this sophisticated vehicle tracking system is the Navteq mapping engine that allows you to view your entire fleet instantly. We can offer systems that give gps vehicle tracking which provides comprehensive vehicle tracking management reports in the users preferred format, either Excel or PDF.

Asset Tracking

Mobile asset management is managing availability and serviceability of assets used to move, store, secure, protect and control inventory within the enterprise and along the supply chain or in conjunction with service providing. Mobile assets are e.g. of the classes of

  • returnable, reusable containers used to transport raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods through the supply chain.
  • precious tools and apparatuses used in technical services and required for proper performing such services with fully valid certification
  • any other objects of a value that justifies additional tagging for the purpose of managing the object and its availability
  • any other objects with a certification that terminates after certain time which justifies the controlled return for next inspection
  • persons under special threat on site of operation.
  • Rental companies are increasingly turning to asset tracking for all larger pieces of equipment in order to manage theft[1] [2], misuse of assets and to assist in the management of Preventive maintenance

Additional feature to decide for tracking typically are reasonably high value of the tracked objects themselves or of any high-value contents or any special operational importance attached to them.

Vehicle and Asset Tracking
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