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Brit Secure

08 - Sep - 2010

Brit Secure are a local company covering the Stafford area providing a personal and efficient service. Dealing with domestic and commercial lock fitting and security, all areas covered and Trading Standards registered.

Lone Worker

Lone Worker Alarms

Lone Worker Alarms are designed to help protect Lone Workers and provide a means of raising an alarm within an organisation. A system comprises of one or more transmitters, carried or worn by the lone worker(s) which when activated, send an alarm signal back to a central receiver.

Lone Worker Alarm transmitters can be carried in a pocket, or worn in a carrying pouch. They generally feature buttons, which allow a worker to call for help, and it also features a tilt switch, which automatically triggers an alarm should the worker collapse, or be injured.

There are also pull-cord variations, which may be clipped to a belt, and should the unit be forcibly removed, an alarm will be triggered.

The central receiver is a wall-mounted enclosure, featuring a number of indicators, a sounder, and a reset button.Upon receiving an alarm signal, the corresponding indicator illuminates, and the sounder starts.The alarm is cancelled when the reset button on the central receiver is pressed.

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Lone Worker Alarm
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