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Brit Secure

08 - Sep - 2010

Brit Secure are a local company covering the Stafford area providing a personal and efficient service. Dealing with domestic and commercial lock fitting and security, all areas covered and Trading Standards registered.


Digital Access Control Systems

Digital Access Control

Digital Access Control Systems consists of a power supply, digital keypad and a door release mechanism. The power supply will be connected into a local mains supply and will provide power to the digital keypad, which will be located outside of the building adjacent to the entrance door being secured. Also connected to the digital keypad will be the door release mechanism, which should be rated so as to compliment the security of the system.

Access is granted upon entry of a code. This can either be a common code, issued to all users of the system or a personnel identification number issued to each user of the system. Common codes can provide medium security for very small groups of users in a controlled environment. The problem with this set up is that the code gets passed on to or is seen by third parties very quickly. Otherwise it can provide useful low security access control.

PINs are more secure because users are less likely to divulge their own number. PINs can be used within a system to record an individual's movements. For more than a small number of users 5 to 6 digit PINs should be considered to maintain the very low probability of guessing or keying another user's PIN.

For more information on Digital Access Control Systems contact us today.

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